Dennis Rodman Runs Amok In Colin Hanks’ ‘The Amazing Adventures Of Wally And The Worm’ – Tribeca Studio

After recounting the slow death of the Tower Records chain in All Things Must Pass and before his Eagles of Death Rock: Nos Amis airs on HBO, Colin Hanks took a pit stop between his feature docs to make the ESPN 30 for 30 short The Amazing Adventures of Wally and the Worm. 

Worm meaning Chicago Bulls defensive champ Dennis Rodman and Wally meaning Wally Blase, the assistant trainer for the team during its 1990s glory days.

On tackling Blase’s story, Hanks said, “It involves helicopters and Lamborghinis and it’s all before cell phones, so it’s not going — I can’t recreate it, there’s nothing I can do. Then someone at ESPN says ‘Why don’t you animate it?'”

Told by both Blase and Rodman with the assistance of photos against a hysterical feature toon of themselves, Wally and the Worm follows the time when Blase was entrusted with babysitting Rodman “for a week and a half doing his physical rehab during the day and then doing the stuff that gets you into rehab at night,” says Hanks. Similar to the rules that came with Gizmo in Gremlins, the one rule Blase had to abide by with Rodman was ‘Don’t take him to Las Vegas.’ Break that, and Blase ran the risk of being fired. From the minute Rodman was on rest, he pulled Blase into an off-the-rails jaunt of nightclubs, wild women, stubborn security guards, Prince and Jay Leno.

“(Former Bulls head coach) Phil Jackson said it best: It’s Almost Famous meets Get Him to the Greek,” says Hanks who here discusses the making of the short and his approach to documentary filmmaking.

Colin Hanks Tells Of His New Documentary About A Band Of Friends And The Bataclan Terror Attack

DEADLINE - Michael Cieply 

November 2, 2016 In a scene from a new documentary, directed by Colin Hanks, about his friends in the Eagles Of Death Metal rock band and the Paris terror attack of November 13, 2015, the band’s front-man Jesse Hughes makes clear that he will be marked by that night forever. “I take it as a holy charge, this duty of leadership that” has fallen to him, says Hughes, in a startling close-up.

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Greenwich International Film Festival kicks off with Colin Hanks film - Greenwich Post

The Greenwich International Film Festival (GIFF) will kick off their inaugural year with the Opening Night premiere screening of Colin Hanks’ directorial debut All Things Must Pass on Friday, June 5, from 8:30-11:30 p.m. Following the screening, U.S. Trust will host the Opening Night Party at Restoration Hardware on Greenwich Avenue. The Bill & Anne Bresnan Social Impact Award will be announced at the reception, where GIFF board member Jenna Bush Hager will serve as Master of Ceremonies.

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Gravitas Ventures Records Deal For Colin Hanks’ Documentary ‘All Things Must Pass’ - Deadline

Gravitas Ventures has acquired North American rights to All Things Must Pass, theColin Hanks documentary about the demise of Tower Records. It world premiered atSXSW, and now a September theatrical release is planned. The pic, from Hanks and Sean Stuart’s Company Name, digs into the onetime record giant’s rise (it made $1B in 1999) under rebellious founder Russ Solomon, its tragic fall (it filed for bankruptcy in 2006), and its legacy.

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SXSW Film Announces 2015 Features Lineup -

A selection of highlights includes a Work in Progress of Judd Apatow’s Trainwreck, Alex Gibney’sSteve Jobs: Man in the Machine, Jamie Babbit’s Fresno, Paul Feig’s Spy, Etan Cohen’s Get Hard, Bill Pohlad’s Love & Mercy, Shannon Sun-Higginson’s GTFO: Get The F% Out, Larry Charles’ The Comedians, Alex Winter’s Deep Web, Ryan Gosling’s Lost River, Jake Szymanski’s 7 Days in Hell, Laura Gabbert’s City of Gold, Todd Strauss-Schulson’s The Final Girls, Charles Hood’s Night Owls, Les Blanks’ A Poem is a Naked Person, Robert Duvall’s Wild Horses, Lina Mannheimer’s The Ceremony and Colin Hanks’ All Things Must Pass. 

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In The Imitation Game, which earlier this month was nominated for six Academy Awards, Benedict Cumberbatch stars as Alan Turing, the unheralded British mathematics genius who cracked Germany's elaborate system of code during World War II. Thanks to Cumberbatch and director Morten Tyldum, who were both nominated for Oscars, we are now "aware" of Turing and how he used computers to help the Allies win the war.

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FiveThirtyEight and ESPN Films Announce Debut of Signals - ESPN Media Zone

FiveThirtyEight and ESPN Films today revealed the initial films that will be featured inSignals, the digital short series that is the latest project to come out of ESPN content unitExit 31Signals will debut on on Wednesday, October 22 with “The Man Vs. The Machine,” which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and looks at a story Nate Silver explored in a chapter of his best-selling book, The Signal and the Noise – that of World Chess Champion Gary Kasparov and his historic matches with IBM’s “Deep Blue.” Filmmakers and producers in the series include: Colin Hanks, Gillian Jacobs, Steven Leckart, Frank Marshall, Mark Polish and Jamie Schultz.

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Interview: Colin Hanks & Sean Stuart, Documenting the history of Tower Records - Time Out Tokyo Interview

Despite some recent reports to the contrary, Japanese music fans seem to be slowly but steadily abandoning physical records and catching up with the global trend of buying music online. This movement is unlikely to slow in the years to come, creating fears that the island nation’s stores specializing in CDs might soon be facing the kind of mass extinction that struck record shops in the US and Europe during the first decade of the new millennium. One of the most famous victims of this sea change in the industry was Tower Records, the US-born disc empire that finally went bankrupt in 2006.

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